Blue Roots Cannabis Co.


Blue Roots Cannabis was founded in 2013 with the purpose of providing our friends with top-shelf cannabis products. Produced and processed safely in our state of the art facility from the highest grade, small batch flower. We pride ourselves on our commitment to quality over quantity.

How we grow


We start with water that has been purified via a reverse osmosis system to guarantee purity and strip away any chemicals or contaminants. A proprietary blend of nutrients is added to ensure our plants are being fed precisely what they require from clone to harvest. Our climate rooms create a hyper controlled environment that echoes what our plants would be exposed to outside during a perfect growth cycle. We’ve taken the best in nature has to offer without fear of drought, windstorm, heatwave, dust storm, or frost to create the cleanest cannabis on the market. Terpenes give each strain its individual identity. Our plants are grown and harvested with this in mind. A perfect balance sometimes means a small sacrifice in slightly lower THC percentage points so we can cultivate strains with exceptional flavor and provide a well rounded high.

Each of our plants are inspected daily by a member of our grow team. While a tedious process, this guarantees that any anomalies or pathogens are caught immediately and dealt with accordingly.

We water, trellis, and feed all of our plants by hand. This attention to detail is integral to the health of each and every plant. Each plant matters in small batch cannabis.

Because almost every product made by Blue Roots begins in our grow, our commitment to quality begins in the grow house. There is little automation under our roof. People are the last and most important element to the Blue Roots grow philosophy and what makes what we do so unique.

How we grow

the 5th element

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