Join team blue!

Blue Roots Cannabis Company is a Washington producer and processor of recreational cannabis and we are always growing. If you feel like you would make a great addition to Team Blue, please keep an eye out when we post for new employment opportunities!

To apply for a position, please e-mail: with a cover letter, resume, and the title you would like to apply for. You must be 21+ to apply.






Joint Roller

Packaging Department

Duties include grinding joint material, filling, packing and closing pre-rolled cones. Pay is determined by the quantity and quality of joints rolled (no less than the equivalent of minimum wage per hour).


Flower Packager

Packaging Department

Visual inspection of each bud to ensure quality in every jar. Weigh and place buds in jars. Lid and sticker. Maintain a clean and orderly station. This is an entry-level position and pays minimum wage.